Profielfoto Mariel Valeria Vazguez settantasette.jpg

Country: Argentina

Medium: digital photo manipulation / digital photo collage

vlag Argentinie.png

I'm settantasette  (La Plata, Argentina, 1977) a digital artist with a deep love  for colours and forms which is reflected in my personal way of editing images.
I enjoy finding a new perspective of pictures, which is the spirit of my work: portraits or collages are always about reusing, remaking and trying to express how many forms a single image can take only by letting the feelings take over. The series I use to make shows this.
This approach to the creative process led me almost naturally to digital art, which is the perfect medium to create and recreate ad infinitum without any worry. In fact, it is not unusual that I revisit my old works and remake them with truly new results. I see life as an ever evolving journey and that's what is reflected in my work. 

As far as I can tell, the main reason to make art is the need to express ourselves without restrictions. And that's why I like to let people just imagine (or better, feel) what's behind an artwork of mine. I do want to share the freedom I can experiment while making my stuff with others so anyone can have their own interpretation of what they're looking at. The meaning is in the eye of the public which may find themselves in the portraits I make as a way to represent what they want to see. Human nature in the end.

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