Eduardo Cano


Country: Mexico

Medium: photography

Mexicaanse vlag.png

January first, 2001.

The first day Eduardo took a camera into his hands, with the sole purpose of bringing to life the mental images he already had been creating for himself. 


As a self taught photographer, his creation process was the definition of trial and error, constantly believing in the power of concept, thought, abstraction and, most importantly, light. Convinced that cameras have the extraordinary ability to capture the world in a way the human eye cannot, he went from photographing abstract shapes, slowly building up to a whole new point of view of the ordinary elements that surround us everyday.

In this stage of his work, he uses the new technologies to display the spaces we know so well, into a simple, yet powerful collection of angles, forms, textures, colors. A sight to be seen.

As a professional photographer, Eduardo has more and more taken to art photography and rightly so; his talent is undeniable. The Arts Gallery is excited to present you Eduardo's quickly developing portfolio.