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Profielfoto Mariel Valeria Vazguez settantasette.jpg
vlag Argentinie.png


Digital photo manipulation and photo collage

Settantasette is a rising star in the world of digital art. This artist from Argentina has a penchant for editing portraits and creating colorful photo collages. What do the artworks mean? That's entirely up to you.

Through 5 unique works we offer you the opportunity to start your collection of settantasete at a favorable moment in the rapidly developing career of this future big name.

Zhao Chen portretfoto.jpg
Chinese vlag.jpg

Zhao Chen


Zhao is a photographer from China who uses his artistic streak to show us the splendor of Chinese culture and nature. His portfolio includes aerial shots as well as regular photography and he is continuously developing his style. We still have many impressive photos of Zhao Chen waiting for us

Eduardo Cano.jpg
Mexicaanse vlag.png

Eduardo Cano


Eduardo Cano, from Mexico, is a professional photographer who uses his talent for photography in multiple areas. More and more he shifts his attention to art photography, in which his talent is given free space. Eduardo is an emerging artist and The Arts Gallery is proud and excited to see Eduardo's portfolio and development as an art photographer grow in our collection.

Self portrait.jpg
Russische vlag.png

Kristina Makeeva


Kristina is an incredibly talented photographer from Russia. In her portfolio we travel with her around the world, where she demonstrates time and again that she has a unique talent. Very few photographers have her way of showing us magical images with only the help of natural colours and light.

The Arts Gallery proudly presents the works of this internationally up and coming artist.

Nederlandse vlag.png

Jasper van der Scheer

Digital painting and photographic adaptation 

Jasper is a young artist dedicated to digital photo adaptation, turning ordinary photos into art. Making a photo more exciting or intriguing than it already is is what Jasper is about. However, he also develops in digital painting with a preference for simplicity and colors. This makes his portfolio a very diverse collection of different themes and techniques.

Jasper's work is exclusively available at The Arts Gallery.


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Digital art and photography

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