We work exclusively with the most prominent partners in the field for the production of your artwork. Our partners have won many awards from professional juries and provide their services to the most renowned photographers in the Netherlands. The Wold Press Photo organization is another example of a client that has put it's trust in the photo laboratory.

The artworks are printed using the Durst Lambda technique, which approaches the classical method of photo development as closely as possible in order to obtain that unique look of a real photograph. We use Fuji Crystal DP II paper for its natural appearance and color fastness of 75 years in archiving.


The technique of dibond printing is used to give an artwork even more depth than it already has.

The plexification makes the colors look even richer and more vivid.

The photo is printed using the Durst Lambda technique and carefully pasted on an aluminum plate of 3 millimeters thick. The photo is then covered with a 2 mm layer of Plexiglas.

The artwork is provided with a frame of 2cm deep at the back for hanging.

Our dibonds are, without a doubt, of museum quality.


Fine art print

Our photo prints are also manufactured with the utmost care. The finishing is applied by hand in the laboratory by the craftsmen.

In principle, these works are delivered to you without a frame. This gives you free choice in the type of list with which you want to surround your asset.

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Lambda-afdruk EoM nummering.jpg