If you look at this work long enough, your mouth will water. Each grape has a different color, each grape has a different taste. However, the artist wanted to spread a second, deeper layer with this work. In our society we all look different and we have different colors. However, we come from the same bunch and have more in common than we differ from each other.

A Rainbow of Grapes

  • Artist

    Jasper van der Scheer

  • Limited edition

    The dibond is offered in a limited edition of only 25 pieces.

    The photo prints in size 50x70cm are available in an edition of 150 pieces. Of the prints with dimensions 100x140cm, only 75 pieces were made.

    You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with each artwork. The certificate corresponds to the artwork you have purchased.

  • Passe partout

    The fine art prints in the format 50cm (W) x 70cm (L) are made with a passe partout of 1cm. The image therefore measures 48cm x 68cm.

    The fine art prints in the format 100cm (W) x 140cm (L) are provided with a passe partout of 1cm. The image therefore measures 98cm x 138cm.

    The dibond is offered without a passe partout.

  • Quality

    The photograph is manufactured using the Durst Lambda technique for authentic photo prints. We use semi-matte Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper. Colour fastness is guaranteed for 75 years in archiving.


    The dibond is provided with a 3 mm thick aluminum plate and a 2 mm thick layer of plexiglass. This really makes the colours come into their own.

  • Hanging the artwork

    The dibond has a 2 cm deep profile at the back to hang the artwork.

    The fine art prints are delivered without a frame, rolled up in a protective tube.

  • Shipping

    Shipping within the European Union is free. For shipping outside the European Union, please contact enquiries@the-artsgallery.com before your purchase

* Alle aankopen van unieke of gelimiteerde ophangen zijn onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid.