Lioness is a work by Jasper van der Scheer with which he wants to show that there is more to a person than is visible at first sight. Look deeper and see that this woman harbors the power of a lion.


  • Limited edition

    The dibond is offered in a limited edition of only 5 pieces.

    The photo prints, in both sizes, are available in an edition of 100 pieces

    You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with each artwork. The certificate corresponds to the artwork you have purchased.

  • Quality

    The photograph is manufactured using the Durst Lambda technique for authentic photo prints. We use semi-matte Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper. Colour fastness is guaranteed for 75 years in archiving.

  • Passe partout

    The fine art prints in the format 60cm (W) x 80cm (L) are made with a passe partout of 3cm. The image therefore measures 54cm x 74cm.

    The fine art prints in the format 80cm (W) x 120cm (L) are provided with a passe partout of 3cm. The image therefore measures 74cm x 114cm.

    The dibond is offered without a passe partout.

  • Hanging the artwork

    The dibond has a 2 cm deep profile at the back to hang the artwork.

    The fine art prints are delivered without a frame, rolled up in a protective tube.

  • Shipping

    Shipping within the European Union is free. For shipping outside the European Union, please contact before your purchase

* Alle aankopen van unieke of gelimiteerde ophangen zijn onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid.