Khaddouj Barghout: "An exploding asteroid is drawn to the surreal Victorian lady in the middle. We don't know if she's really there, but she's gravity that pulls everything."


This work by Khaddouj Barghout will certainly continue to spark the imagination. Barghout excels in art that is surreal and imaginative and knows how to hold her viewer's eyes like no other.


The artwork is offered to you as a unique copy, signed by the artist and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The work measures 22x30cm.


Graphite on paper

Sex appeal

  • Artist

    Khaddouj Barghout

  • Limited edition

    Sex Appeal is a unique work

    You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with each artwork. The certificate corresponds to the artwork you have purchased.

  • Hanging the artwork

    The artwork is delivered without a frame, rolled up in a protective tube.

  • Shipping

    Shipping within the European Union is free. For shipping outside the European Union, please contact before your purchase

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